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human supervisor


As a supervisor, it can be difficult to manage large amounts of information. Fieldly makes everything easy to understand and easily accessible.

human fieldworker

Field worker

As field worker there is unfortunately more than just the daily work that needs to be managed. We make sure to always keep you updated.

human responsible for salary and invoices

Salary and invocing

When work is done you begin collecting data for billing and payroll. A process that used to take a long time but now takes only minutes.

For companies of all sizes

books and folders of projects


Handle every aspect of your project's life cycle from one unified interface giving you absolute control over every part of the construction process.

work orders

Work orders

Handle quick and easy jobs with our work orders. Receive almost the same power as our project management but on a smaller scale.

quotes ready to be send


Before you start working on projects or work orders you can send powerful quotes that the customer can approve using a simple link to a website.



Put all your employees into Fieldly and assign them to projects, work orders and digital ledgers without breaking a sweat.

customers list


Add all your customers to Fieldly and assign them to projects or work orders. You are able to keep all historic data about them, much like a CRM.



You are able to create simple or more complex checklists using our easy to use drag and drop interface. These checklists can then be filled out by your field workers.

all reports in one place


All incoming reports like time, travel and expense reports will automatically be added to projects and work orders in real time giving you exact control over the economics.



Easily attach documents or images to different levels in our system. You are able to attach for example documents to individual projects, work orders and users.

different time types reporting

Time types

In order to really integrate with your favorite ERP in a seem less manner you are able to add time types that your field workers can report time on.

travel types reporting

Travel types

In order to really integrate with your favorite ERP in a seem less manner you are able to add travel types that your field workers can report travels on.


Decreases administration by 50%

Many of our customers report that the time they spend on performing administrative tasks in projects and work orders has decreased by 50% on average. This frees up lots of time to develop and expand their businesses instead of getting stuck in the tough, repetitive processes.

graph showing time saving

For larger companies

multi level projects

Multi level projects

We make it simple to handle projects in more than one level. We have excellent support for main projects that can have sub projects which in turn can have work orders.

different serial numbers

Multiple serials

If you want you can add several different types of serials numbers to your account that can be used in projects, work orders, clients and quotes.

different departments available


If you have offices in different geographical locations you are able to create departments that will allow your stuff to work in isolation from each others.

globe with global projects

Global projects

If our project levels are not enough you are able to add an even higher level of entities on top of the project hierarchy that you got.

different roles in company


You are able to create any type of role that your need. These role can then be assigned to different projects or work orders.

group management


You are able to create custom groups with their own access rights and then assign people to them. Users can be assigned to one or more groups.

different statuses

Sub statuses

You are able to put your projects or work orders into different states and using more sub statuses module you are then able to add sub statuses too.

tools to import different articles


You are able to import thousands of articles that can be used in quotes, projects, work orders and field worker reports.

people sitting in a seminar free of charge

Our seminaries are free of charge

Sometimes it can be hard to fathom how a product works just by reading about it, that's why we are free web-based demonstrations via video link directly in your browser. We also hold seminars where we talk about how your company can work in a better way.

For the field worker

work orders

Work orders

Know exactly what you need to do right from your mobile phone. You always got access to the very latest work order information from anywhere.

time traveling and other reports

Send reports

Send different types of reports like time, travel, expense and field reports that automatically get inserted into your projects or work orders in real time.

manage different people

Manage people

Manage how is assigned to your projects or work orders. You are able to add or remove any person (if authorized to do so) but also contact them directly on your phone.

view and add attachments

View attachments

You got instant access to all the documents that your supervisor has added to yourself, your projects or work orders. You can for example show equipment permits.

manage location on google maps

Interact with location

Quickly see where your work site is located on a gorgeous map in the app and be presented with the fastest way to get there using Google directions.

checklists management

Manage checklists

Access all the checklists that has been created on your account and filled them out directly on your phone. For example environmental checkups.

person communicating


Leave and view comments on your projects or work orders. These comments are visible to anyone with access to them. Supervisors can even add their own comments.

digital way of signing work orders or documents

Sign work orders

When a work order has been completed then you are able to let your customer see exactly what has been done in a PDF view and then sign by drawing on your phones screen.

Available for both Android and iPhone

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