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We are always looking for talented people who want to change an industry.

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Our values

Open company

Transparency is our starting point. Sharing of knowledge and information internally is our common goal. When everyone is on the same page we win always.

Client is always number one

The customer is the reason why we do Fieldly, so we always have the customer's best interests in all parts of our day. Without the customer is not Fieldly.

We value ambition

We love people who always strives to set high goals, both for himself and for the product. Together we set a high standard for us onward and upward.

Play as a team

Because we spend so much time together and we all have the same goals, it is crucial that we always respect each other and help each other.

Always strive to improve

We know that perfection is impossible, but we can not help but strive to get as close as possible as we are passionate and proud of what we do.

Enjoy life

Life is not only work. Although we do our best when we work, there is always time to take care of ourselves and those we hold dear.

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