Powerful resource planner with Fieldly.

The resource planning feature is a powerful way to plan your human resources in larger projects. 

Fieldly is used in more than 350,000 projects worldwide

Powerful checklists from Fieldly

Clear overview over your team

The resource planner gives you a clear overview of the people you need during a project. You can also see who is available for the next one, and assign them easily.

Manage large projects with ease

Larger projects often have many different phases and each phase has different needs. With Fieldly's resource planner, you easily add different resources with different roles for each phase.

No more headache

Hard to keep track on your employees’ holidays? The resource planning feature allows you to plan both employees' holidays and time off, so you don't have to think about it.

Fieldly is used in over 550.000 projects world wide

“Fieldly has great ability to adjust, develop and expand their tool”
John Jernberg
Head of customer center
"The best thing is to have everything in one place"
Emma Ljungberg
Byggmästar'n i Skåne
“An easy way for employees to communicate their daily work with me in the office!”
Sara Hedberg
Office Manager
Ängelholmsmuraren AB
"We saw that Fieldly was an easy system to use and contained the features we considered the most relevant to our business."
Ingemar Jeppson
Spoltec Södra AB

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