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Smart project management for smart construction companies

Experience the difference with a project management system developed to unite the field and the office. Full control of costs, resources and staff. From planned project to paid customer invoice.


From quotation to invoice and all the way there

Fieldly unites the field and office

The Fieldly project management system consists of two parts, the web administration for office workers and the mobile app for the field worker.

As a project manager you are in full control of your projects and work orders from one coherent tool. No more surprises, inadequate communication or lost reports. It also means you never have to spend evenings and weekends trying to gather information about your projects. This is done for you in real time.

Overview and insight are key words for efficient project management. Fieldly makes it as easy as possible for you as a manager or supervisor to keep track of what is going on in your projects. We shorten and simplify the flow from quote, order and invoicing. The features of Fieldly are carefully selected. We have only included the ones creating real value and making a real difference for you in your daily work. All features are easy to use and support you as project manager.


Decrease administration by up to 50%

Our users spend on average an hour less on administrative tasks per worker and workday compared to before using us. With more than 22 000 users we are proud to contribute to growing and prospering construction and installation companies. Time is a valuable resource. Use it wisely with Fieldly. Find out how much you can save by using Fieldly!

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An easy-to-use app for the field

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A phone showing Fieldly app with work order list
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Important information about your project directly on your phone.
Take part and create work orders smoothly and easily.
Report easily and keep yourself stress-free.

Available for iPhone and Android

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It begins with ‘work in order’

When you work in or run a company in the construction industry, you know what difference the right information at the right time makes. Because that is what it is really about. The right information at the right time is the core of Fieldly and it is what determines the value you get from using our system. When the everyday work is carried out uninterrupted, co workers become more efficient and time frames are met without too much trouble.

At Fieldly we believe in keeping track of time, from quotation to invoicing. When there is a straight line between these two liquidity in the company can remain good and operations can run smoothly. But Fieldly also supports several other tasks of the project manager and the administrative staff. In Fieldly you can, for example, see which workers are busy doing what and when they are available for different types of work. Smart resource management and the right person at the right place are key to Fieldly.

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Fieldly - for the future

What does not develop stands still. At Fieldly we therefore carefully make sure that our product keeps moving upwards and onwards to the next level. With the latest technology, handpicked and carefully selected features, and a user interface developed to be used, Fieldly is designed for constant evolution.

To use Fieldly is to prepare for the future. In our tool you find the features and the support that determines the success of your company today, but more than anything, in the future.

Some integrations

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