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Benefits with Fieldly for installation and service

Save time with Fieldly icon

Save time

When workers report the right information in the right place, reminders and confusion become history.

All in one place icon

All in one place

Fieldly makes visible all relevant information in one and the same place. From quotation to paid invoice.

Quicker invoicing with Fieldly icon

Quicker invoicing

Fieldly shortens the way from work done to money in the account. Seamlessly integrated with your ERP system.

Keep track of your material with Fieldly icon

Keep track of your material

With Fieldly you’re in control of purchases and can be sure the right project is automatically charged.

Phone showing Fieldly app with work order list
Phone showing Fieldly app with Checklists and digital signature

Developed for managers of installation companies.

When you run, or work for, an installation company you have quite a few items to manage and keep track of. Items and articles must end up in the right project or work order, and it is important that they do so immediately. With many and small jobs things are easy to miss.

It is easy to think that a few articles or items not declared for in a work order won’t cause a problem. Twenty screws unaccounted for in one work order does not make that big of a difference but 200 work orders in a month with articles not documented for will mean bigger costs.

Fieldly helps you who run or work for an installation company report and account for the articles and items used in different work orders and projects. In Fieldly you as manager distribute work orders between available workers.

With Fieldly you see what is going on in the field and get valuable information and insights into what types of works are the most profitable. You can feel secure knowing critical information from co workers are reported directly in Fieldly.

No reminders, no time-consuming research. With Fieldly you automise essential parts of your day-to-day administration.

How the EDI flow works

The Fieldly EDI connection ties purchases directly to the project they are supposed to charge. Experience complete cost control with Fieldly.


The purchase takes place


Reading is done


Connection to the project is done

Available for iPhone and Android