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Manage salaries easier with Fieldly

In Fieldly, you, who work with salaries and payrolls, will find all the information that forms the basis for a correct and smooth salary management. Every time report that is registered in Fieldly is easily convertible into a basis for salaries.

This applies to all types of time, regardless of whether it is registered on a project or for an internal training. In Fieldly, you can easily collect both payable and internal salary data.

When you want to review all the time reported in the system, Fieldly makes it easy with the help of different filters. It is excellent to attest wages in up to three levels through Fieldly’s flexible authorization model. From Fieldly, you simply and easily export the wage base for loading into any of the regular pay programs. No duplication is needed.

Billing on time is extremely important for most companies. If it is difficult and inefficient to get the information needed, the risk that invoices are not sent off in time is high. Problems with liquidity and difficulties in paying subcontractors, suppliers and employees in time is usually a consequence.

At Fieldly, we think that it's supposed to be fun to run companies in the construction sector. Therefore, we try to make it as simple and easy as possible to perform tasks and responsibilities required for your particular role in the company.

Collecting the right basis for invoicing without a good system can take weeks. With Fieldly, this happens in real time. Experience the benefits of Fieldly’s system for payroll administrators.

Smooth payroll managements with Fieldly

Powerful certification

Time and travel reports in Fieldly can be certified within three stages. Partly by the craftsman directly on his phone, but also by supervisor and the payroll administrator. When everything is ready, it is possible to export the reports directly to the desired financial system.

Add missing reports

Sometimes reports can be forgotten or misplaced. As an administrator you have the opportunity to add reports that are missing or change those that are already there.
Fast, smooth and easy.

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