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Project management for smarter construction companies

Fieldly is used in over 150.000 projects worldwide

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As a supervisor, it can be difficult to manage large amounts of information. Fieldly makes everything easy to understand and easily accessible.

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Field worker

As field worker there is unfortunately more than just the daily work that needs to be managed. We make sure to always keep you updated.

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Salary and invoicing

When work is done you begin collecting data for billing and payroll. A process that used to take a long time but now takes only minutes.

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For supervisors

Fieldly easily handles all aspects of the construction process - from quotation to invoicing. This means that you as a supervisor always have full control over your projects and work orders from a unified tool. No more surprises, lack of communication or lost reports. It also means that you never have to spend evenings and weekends to gather a complete picture of your project. This is done for you in real time.

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Headache-free project management

Overview and transparency are crucial for an effective project management. Fieldly make it as easy as possible for you as a supervisor to have full control of what's happening in your project. We keep the path between quotation, ordering and billing as short and easy as we can.

As easy as sharpening a pencil

Fieldlys features are carefully selected. We have only included those that make real use to you in your daily work. All functions are easy to use and support you as project manager.


Decreases administration by 50%

Many of our customers report that the time they spend on performing administrative tasks in projects and work orders has decreased by 50% on average. This frees up lots of time to develop and expand their businesses instead of getting stuck in tough, repetitive processes.

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The information you need

Fieldly are capturing all billable costs in real-time. All time sheets and mileage logs all recorded and recalculated to money automatically, so that you can bill your end customers minutes after the project is completed.

Full control of the economy

Fieldly show you the exact costs for timesheets, material consumption, mileage logs, and reported field reports for each project. The collection of data is done automatically, which means you can skip both frustration and lost time and always know where the project is heading.

Change orders

It is not always that a project is fully covered, sometimes  there is also need for changes and additions, so-called change orders. We deal with this on a simple but powerful way.

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For the field worker

As a field worker you usually have plenty of things to keep track of every day. Pieces of paper with information that easily disappears when you need them the most and bad communication with supervisors and customers. To add to this burden you report times, trips and expenses, usually at the end of the month when the memory is blocked by other things. Fieldly has solved this once and for all. Your work day has never been easier.

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Simple reporting

Report timesheets, mileage logs, and use of materials with a single touch of your iPhone or Android phone. Say goodbye to all the pieces of paper and say hello to a simpler life.

Mobile work orders

Stop relying on pieces of paper and make sure you always have a crystal clear view of what to do right in your mobile phone.

Simple communication

Avoid unnecessary travel to and from the office and have full access to all relevant information in your pocket. Automatically and safely.

1 h

Save one hour per user and day

Since we have streamlined our field workers lives by offering smart and easy to use tools to manage timesheets, mileage logs, and material expenses many of them has reported that they save on average a full one hour per person per day. This makes a huge difference.

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Time sheets

Leave detailed reports with the push of a button and view your full history directly on your mobile phone. Never again miss to report time spent using any of the three ways to reporting time you have at your disposal.


Report your trips and let Google figure out the distance and time down to the second. Fully automatically directly into your mobile phone.

Field reports

Document work with field reports consisting of text and image. Advantageously used for pure documentation but also to provide detailed final reports.


Report materials digitally and avoid manual handling. You can greatly facilitate the connection with your supplier invoices through our partner InExchange.

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Image is showing how to create a time report

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Image is showing how to create a travel report

Available for both Android and iPhone

We are available in the following languages

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For salary and invoicing

When the job is done, it is time to invoice. Collecting billing data used to take weeks but is now done in real time. When the project is completed, you can send your bill. You have a basis for wages that you can export as soon as the last report is done.

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Powerful approvals

Time and travel reports Fieldly can be approved in three stages. First by the field worker using the phone, but also by the supervisor and payroll administrator. When all phases are complete, you're welcome to export reports to the ERP of your choice. We currently support the market's largest systems.

Add missing reports

Sometimes reports can be forgotten or be inaccurate. As an administrator, you can add the missing reports or modify those that are already there. Quickly and easily.

Export your data to

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