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We are Fieldly

Fieldly is the digital tool that simplifies project management for construction companies. On time, within or below budget, time and expense reports in order, increasing margins, billable hours and black numbers. We love those words. We want to hear them expressed more often. We know our customers do too. The reason we created Fieldly was to make it easier for more construction companies to experience those words in reality. We think you should give us a try.

The future of construction

The Fieldly team is a visionary bunch. We are dead set on building the future of construction. We believe that requires a range of perspectives. The Fieldly team therefore consists of engineers, developers, marketing professionals and sales people that share the same vision; a smarter construction industry. You are very welcome to contact us for more information on what we can do for your business.

Paper and pen are great

Pen and paper have helped create amazing art work and are excellent for drawing sketches. Running a successful modern construction company, we believe requires a tool that is just as intuitive to use as pen and paper. If you, as we know many of you do, wish to keep track of your true costs and expenses and cut down the time spent on administration we have a proposition for you. Fieldly is all about user-friendliness. We share your opposition toward systems that ask as much of you as you would like it to do for you. Time-consuming and complicated systems makes your field workers pick up their pens. We’re on a mission to change this. We invite you to join us.

Projects come and go. Enjoy a state of flow.

Project managers in construction most often have their plates full. You are expected to know exactly how your projects are coming along; if and to what degree budgets are being followed and make sure everyone involved gets accurately compensated. On top of this you need to keep customers happy and satisfied. This is no small task. That is why Fieldly came about. We make it easier for you to manage your workload and improve results. Flow is the state of mind we want you to experience.

We are proud of our awards.

Fieldly has received a number of awards. We became “Company of the year” in Student Business challenge 2014 and we won the Venture Cup 2014. We regard our awards as proof that we’re moving in the right direction. Fieldly is constantly evolving with continuous input from our active users. We invite you to become part of our community. Let’s build the future of construction together.


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The wonderful people of Fieldly

Daniel Krusenstråhle

Chief Executive Officer

+46 42 600 56 52

Sven Paulin

Chief Market Officer

+46 42 600 56 51

Lars Dahlén

Chairman of the board / Chief Information Officer

+46 42 600 56 54

Tomasz Warkocki

Chief Technology Officer

Johan Risenfors

Chief Commercial Officer

Linnéa Vikbrant

Content manager

+46 42 600 56 53

Eitvydas Rastutis


Marcin Urban

Backend developer

Magda Piechota


Mikołaj Grzyb

Frontend Developer

Magda Malinowska

Backend Developer

Olga Grabek

Backend Developer

Grzegorz Sawczuk

Android - iOS

Available for both Android and iPhone

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We normally respond within 24 hours Monday - Friday. If you prefer to contact us via phone you are very welcome to give us a call. You are also welcome to visit us at our headquarters in Malmö.


Fieldly AB
Nordenskiöldsgatan 24
211 19 Malmö

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