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Andre Milesson, VD Milessons Glas & Montage

"Fieldly has significantly reduced our administrative time. Now, we have complete control over the entire workflow of our projects, from initiation to invoicing."

Ingemar Jepsson, VD på Spoltec Södra

"We noticed that Fieldly was a straightforward system and contained the features that we deemed most relevant for our business."

Hampus Bergengren,
Bergengrens rivning och håltagning AB

"Absolutely happy! I've used two of their competitors before, but there's no comparison. I'm especially pleased with the 'Smart Articles' that provide us, hole drillers, with an easy way to report hours. 10/10"

Tim Schröder,
Schröders Skadeteknik

"We like Fieldly, especially considering their fast chat support and their willingness to evolve based on customer's preferences."

Kenan Softic,
Terra AB

"Extremely satisfied with Fieldly. It has truly helped us take a step in the right direction. The support is 10 out of 10, always helpful and responsive."

Per Sjölin, VD på Halmstad Industri El

"Fieldly makes our daily work so much easier! The team can fill in their work directly when they finish, and no hours go missing along the way! And, to top it off, Fieldly has the best support ever - you usually get a response within minutes!
Hooray for the support!"


Designed and developed for the entire construction industry.

Projects & Work orders

A digital work order system doesn't have to be complicated. With all your projects and work orders in Fieldly, you gain control over your construction projects - from the start of the job until payment is received.

Digital reporting for construction and installation

Time reporting, field reporting, travel reporting, material reporting, and much more - everything you need, right in the Fieldly app. Report everything on your mobile quickly, easily, and flexibly - wherever you are.


Companies working in construction and installation can take full control over their project workflows - from start to finish. That's why you can integrate purchase, finance, and payroll systems into Fieldly - all to make your daily operations smoother and more efficient.

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