Business planning for construction and installation companies

To do a great job, excellent planning is essential. With the calendar in Fieldly, you get a complete overview, clarity, and greater flexibility in your projects.

Plan your projects with the Fieldly web version

Do your employees work on contracts or long-term projects? In the web version, you can specify which days, weeks, or months your colleagues should work.

Additionally, you can filter by groups, depending on whom you want to schedule. It's all about customizing schedules to suit your team's needs!

Translate job descriptions into 7 different languages

Do you and your colleagues speak different languages? No problem! In the Fieldly calendar, you can translate job descriptions into 7 different languages, so that everyone knows what needs to be done.

All your jobs in one place

In the app's bookings section, you can see all the tasks you are booked for, and in the Jobs section, you'll find the ones you have access to, grouped by date or week, with comprehensive descriptions of what needs to be done.

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