Projects & work orders for construction and installation.

A digital work order system doesn't have to be complicated. With all your projects and work orders in Fieldly, you'll have full control over the construction process - from the start.

Structure your projects in levels

You know what works best for your company. In Fieldly you can create and structure your work in main and sub-projects - just the way you want. It's a great way to keep track of work progress according to the project plan.

Complete overview

Search and filter projects & work orders to quickly get the information you need - when you need it. Everything is color-coded so that you can get a quick overview of the status of the jobs.

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Take control of your finances

Why overcomplicate? With our financial overview, revenues and costs are collected from all reports, supplier invoices and EDI orders - all in one place. By having a full project overview, you can take the right decisions before it's too late.

Read more about project monitoring in Fieldly below.

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Reports summary and documentation

With Fieldly, you can report and document your work with just a few clicks. Everything including time reports, pictures from the construction, and quality control checks - all collected in one place.

Read more about how to report time, materials, travel, and much more here.

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Control access rights

From the web, you can easily control who has permission to view projects and work orders on mobile. This reduces the risk of reporting errors, while also giving you as a project manager constant control over what is visible in your team members' apps.

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