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Invoicing from Fieldly.

We know that invoicing can be incredibly time consuming. We also know that there is much else you’d  rather spend your time on. Therefore, we created the invoice feature, which makes invoicing quick and easy.

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Quick and easy invoicing

Create invoice data

Using the invoice feature, you simply create invoice data on a project or work order from the office. 

No more time consuming administration

Generate invoices with time, material, and other expenses directly based on actual reports, without time-consuming administration.

Multiple integrations

Send invoices directly from Fieldly or choose our additional service integration, to export the invoice data to multiple integrations - Visma, Fortnox and others.

Create quotes - quick and easy

The quotation feature makes quotation easy for you, and for your customers.

Create and send in a second

With Fieldly quotations, you easily create and send digital quotes to your potential customers. No more confusing documents and spread sheets.

Easy conversion to projects

If the quote is approved and digitally signed by the customer in the email, you can simply convert the quote into a project, and get started right away.

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