Smooth reporting for field workers within construction.

If you do what you do best, we'll handle the rest. For you working in the field, Fieldly makes it easy to report everything that happens during your workday.

Straightforward and powerful communication

With Fieldly's mobile app, staying informed about your workday is easy. With a few simple taps, you gain access to all the essential details regarding your upcoming job: the tasks at hand, the scheduled time, and the proper procedures to follow.

See all your assigned jobs
All the information you need, in no time
Send reports to the office in seconds
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Create field reports

With field reports, you can effortlessly and smoothly report events from the field, complete with photos and comments.

The field report feature also lets you show how things looked when you wrapped up the job, with timestamps and geotagging thrown in for good measure. It's all about keeping things transparent

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Track and control your time

It has never been easier to keep track of the time. Report the time you, your colleague or your team spend on a project. Also, get an overview of how many hours the project took from start to finish.

Better overview of your business and projects
Time report in 4 different ways
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tidrapportering system, Fieldlys tidrapport app

Smooth check-in with Fieldly's digital ledger

In Fieldly’s ledger, field workers and subcontractors can easily and smoothly register their presence at the workplace. Fieldly offers a reliable and easy-to-use digital ledger accredited according to common standards and ID06.

One-click check-in
Easy access to contacts and emergency list
Get a clear overview of your business
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