Easy project monitoring for construction and installation companies

Monitor data from time reports, travels, expenses, field reports, and checklists. And of course, you can filter by customer, time frame, project, employees, groups - and much more.

Follow the progress in real-time

With the project monitoring feature in Fieldly, you gain a quick overview of the project's financials in all its aspects. And of course, you can filter by time frame to see how much you've invoiced and the accrued costs for the same period.

Get full control over your time reporting

The time reporting overview in Fieldly makes it easy to see how your employees report their hours.

With everything in one view, you get an immediate overview of all the reported hours for the week or month, for all your employees.

Export to PDF or Excel

With Fieldly, it's easy to filter and generate specific reports, and you can easily export them from the system.

Whether you need an Excel file for in-depth analysis or a PDF to quickly send to your client, the choice is yours.

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