Installation and service.

We know that you who operate or work for an installation company has many articles to keep track of. Fieldly makes it easy, and ensures that all items are in the right place.

Fieldly is used in more than 550,000 projects worldwide

Fieldly simply gives you an easier working day

Create projects

It should be easy to keep track of your projects. With Fieldly projects you get a clear overview of all your projects, and you never have to worry about missing anything.

Projects, work orders, project reports and checklists in one place
Smart filters to access required information faster
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Easy time tracking solution

When you’re in the middle of a project, it can be hard to know how many hours the project has been spent. Time reporting gives you a clear overview of exactly how many hours you spent per project, in real time.

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Report everything with Fieldly

It has never been easier to keep track of everything you do in the field. Travel reports, field reports, expense reports and much more.

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Field reports

With field reports you can easily show the customer that the job has been done correctly, and ensure that no unnecessary conflicts arise.

You can easily and smoothly report events from field, with both pictures and comments.
The field report feature allows you to show how it looked when you left the job, with both timestamp and geotagging.

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Travel reports - know your miles.

A single job often involves many miles behind the wheel. But it is easy to forget to report these travels, which means that you potentially miss out on many billable hours.

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Automated materials with EDI and invoicing

When invoicing, Fieldly sees to it that all invoice data comes in smoothly, with the collection of supplier invoices and EDI connection to wholesalers.

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