Fieldly - project management tool for installation companies

With features such as reporting, change order management, checklists, and integrations with both material suppliers and financial systems, you gain full control and can make the right decisions - for your company.

Fieldly simply gives you an easier working day

Smooth article management with EDI integration.

Avoid unnecessary waiting for supplier invoices from the wholesaler and receive digital order confirmations directly into the projects instead.

Invoice without delay
Improve your cash flow
Boost your growth
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Get a simple and smooth overview of the market's best material prices with a complete view of both wholesalers and net prices.

Report everything with Fieldly

Time reports

It has never been easier to keep track of time. Not only for the time you, your colleague, or your team invest in a project but also how many hours the project has consumed.

Field reports

With the field reports feature, you can easily demonstrate to the customer that the job has been carried out correctly. Take a photo and write a comment. It's no more difficult than that to cover your back!

Travel reports

A single job often involves many miles behind the wheel. With Fieldly, you can report your travel expenses directly in the app and be certain that all miles are accurately included - and ultimately invoiced.

Materials & expense reports

Fieldly makes it smoother than ever to manage your flow of materials and expenses. With a clicks, you can report both used materials and other expenses directly in the actual project.

Supplier invoices

With multiple suppliers and subcontractors involved in each project, it can be challenging to stay on top of invoicing for both materials and services. However, rest assured that our supplier invoices feature is here to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. It streamlines the process, helping you manage all billing efficiently and effectively.

Always the right price
Connect to your ERP system

Checklists - check!

Say goodbye to piles of papers filled with self-inspections and misplaced sticky notes. With the mobile checklists feature in Fieldly, you can gather all your checklists digitally in one place - right on your mobile device. No more hassle, just organized efficiency!

Get control of your projects

Keeping track of your projects should be a breeze. With the project feature, you'll have a clear overview of all your projects. It's all about simplicity and peace of mind!

Projects, work orders, reports, and checklists - all in one place
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