Quick and easy salary payouts with Fieldly

With Fieldly's salary function, you can handle the salaries of your staff smoothly, securely, and quickly - every time.

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Correct hours on the right job & person

Effortless time reporting results in accurate salary payouts. In Fieldly, you can register your hours directly within the app, using various methods. Learn more about time reporting in Fieldly here.

Quick and easy overview

The time report overview in Fieldly shows everyone who has or hasn't reported their working hours for the week - in one single view. It's also color-coded for an even clearer overview. Learn more here.

Connect Fieldly to your salary system

Cut down on repetitive tasks and reduce mistakes. Once your team logs their work hours, sick leave, and time off in the app, you can quickly approve and send the salary data to the salary system with just one click. Learn more about integrating with salary systems here.

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