Fieldly for contractors.

We know that planning, effective resource management and cost control is of paramount importance when working with construction. Therefore, we have developed effective and easy to use tools to help you keep track of all this.

Fieldly is used in more than 550,000 projects worldwide

Features designed to benefit contractors

Create multi level projects

It should be easy to keep track of your projects. With Fieldly you get a clear overview of all your projects, and you never have to worry of missing anything.

Projects, work orders, projects reports and checklists in one place
Multi level projects for the largest projects
Smart filters to access required information faster
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Change orders & Control of subcontractors

Fieldly helps you keep track of all subcontractors visiting and working at the construction site.

It’s rather a rule than an exception that changes and additional work occurs during a project. Change orders makes it easy to report these changes and additional tasks, and minimizes the risk of unnecessary conflicts with the customer.

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Fieldlys construction diary reduces administration up to 50%

Save time on administration with the construction diary feature. By writing digital construction diary you can reuse information that already exists in the system, and don’t have to spend unnecessary time on administration.

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Personal ledger & permissions

Personal ledger - directly on your phone. Fieldly’s personnel ledger meets all the requirements, according to legal standards and is accredited for ID06.

Order Fieldlys project management tool and get 50% discount for digital ledger (ID06)
Smooth check-in and out from the construction site
Fieldly helps you keep track of which subcontractors are at the construction site.
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