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Manage projects smartly with Fieldly

With more than 22 000 users Fieldly is proud to contribute to the growth and prosperity of construction companies, in Sweden and around the world.

Do you also want to connect the field with the office?
Do you think complete control of projects, from quote to invoicing sounds appealing?

Then Fieldly is for you.

Why choose Fieldly?

We believe systems that create real value are systems developed for the needs of the user, today but also tomorrow. That is why we continue to ask ourselves what creates and drives value for your construction or installation company, and what will prepare you for a future of increasing demands for efficient and digital work flows. In Fieldly you find the functionalities and features that supports development in your business.

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Developed to help your company develop

We all have the same amount of time. Those who use it wisely are those who become the most successful. With Fieldly you have real time control of costs and incomes. You know which co workers are doing what and you can keep track of the development of your projects. The right information at the right time frees up time for you as a manager, while simultaneously it gives co workers and employees consistency and fewer interruptions in their work.

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Time is a valuable resource - use it smart.

Systems that are difficult to use are quickly abandoned. Fieldly is developed to be used. We have made sure that the individual user can easily understand and learn how to use our digital tool. Our easy-to-use app for mobile devices in combination with the interface for managers and administrative staff effectively bridges the gap between field and office workers.

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The best tools are the ones that are being used.

To make smart decisions at a construction or installations company insights into the performance in a number of areas of the business is crucial. Fieldly allows you to easily review the different projects of your company and allows you to see where there is room for improvement.

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Information provides new insights.

Fieldly speaks several languages

And more are on their way!
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Decrease administration by up to 50%

Our users spend on average an hour less on administrative tasks per worker and workday compared to before using us. With more than 22 000 users we are proud to contribute to growing and prospering construction and installation companies. Time is a valuable resource. Use it wisely with Fieldly. Find out how much you can save by using Fieldly!

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Fieldly unites the field and the office

With Fieldly the office worker gets real time information about changes and additions made by colleagues in the field. You will know what is going on, who is doing what, and when. Fieldly makes planning, following up and managing of resources easy. From quote to paid invoice, we support your business and makes your everyday easier, smarter and digital.

Prerequisites and scopes often change in different types of projects. For this reason, it is important to work with a system that is connected. When it is easy to document changes, everything else will follow along without any problems.

As a manager or supervisor you easily assign work orders on available co workers in Fieldly. You see what is going on in the field, and get valuable information and insights on what types of jobs that are the most profitable and can rely on receiving critical data from co workers, directly in Fieldly.

No reminders, no nagging. With Fieldly time consuming parts of the necessary ongoing administration is automatised. In our system you find the features that help and support workers in their day-to-day reporting, documentation and communication of important information.

Are you ready for full control of costs and to save valuable time that you can spend on more pleasant things? Does a complete flow from quote to paid invoice sound appealing? Create a test account or book a demo with us and let us show you how we can create value for your particular business. Welcome to Fieldly!

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The old way

Without Fieldly

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Co-workers travel to and from the office to collect work orders and leave time reports.
Important routines such as for example safety rounds are carried out by pen and paper and risk getting lost.
Information is stuck with single individuals which slows down or stops the work and cause unnecessary confusion.
Project managers and administrators have to repeatedly remind co workers to submit time reports and document important information on various projects and work orders.

The new way

With Fieldly

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Co-workers receive work orders and fill out time reports directly on the mobile device.
Safety rounds and other important routines are managed in a mobile device and are easily shared with individuals concerned.
Each co worker has access to the information he or she needs in order to carry out their work without unnecessary interruptions.
Project managers and administrators get time reports and important information directly in a coherent interface and can when needed send out digital reminders to co workers.
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Read what customers think of Fieldly

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Byggmästar'n i Skåne

Emma Ljungberg, Supervisor

The best thing is to have everything in one place. And it is much easier to share information to everyone who needs it.”

Byggmastarn i skane - Fieldly customer
Stefan Nilsson from NCC recommends Fieldly
NCC logo - Fieldly customer


Stefan Nilsson, Project manager

“To have a constant cost control. It is very good to have when it’s time for forecasts. I know how much money I’ve spent even if jobs aren’t finished.”

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John Jernberg from Ramirent recommends Fieldly


John Jernberg, Head of customer center

“Before Fieldly was selected as project management partner a regular procurement was done in which we challenged both big and small suppliers. Three other suppliers were considered but Fieldly’s ability to adjust, develop and expand their tool spoke to their favour.”

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A ramirent logo - Fieldly customer