Features that make office work easier.

Fieldly makes it as easy as possible for you as a manager or supervisor to keep track of everything on the field. Keep track of what has been done, how many hours and materials used and much more with Fieldly.

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Fieldly is used in more than 550,000 projects worldwide

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Create projects

It should be easy to keep track of your projects. With Fieldly projects you get a clear overview of all your projects, and you never have to worry about missing anything.

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Projects, work orders, projects reports and checklists in one place
Easy to keep everything in control
Smart filters to access required information faster

Create work orders

Work orders can be created using both - web administrator and mobile app. As a manager or supervisor you easily assign work orders to available field workers, add checklists or send any relevant information.

Reports made to work orders are updated in real time.
It's so easy to keep everything in control.
Smart filters to access required information faster.
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Design checklists

Simple drag and drop design allows you to create checklists within seconds. The intuitive checklist builder has all required elements to create any type of checklist.

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Receive reports from the field

It has never been easier to keep track everything your team does in the field. Travel reports, field reports, expense reports and much more will be always available real time.

With the information provided from the field, it has never been easier to follow the progress and have an overview of everything.

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Create invoices and quotes

Using the invoice feature, you simply create invoice data on a project or work order from the office.

Send invoices directly from Fieldly or choose our additional service integration, to export the invoice data to Fortnox or Visma.

Easy to use
No more time consuming administration
Multiple integrations
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Integration with finance and payroll systems

Everything you need - seamlessly integrated. All information received from the field can be used to prepare invoices, payrolls and much more.

Send invoice information from Fieldlys web app
Get confirmations of purchased materials
Export salary information to salary systems
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