Smooth project management for construction and installation companies

Do you work with project management, administration, and finance within construction and installation? With Fieldly's digital project tool, you'll have complete control and overview of all projects and work orders.

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Keep track of your projects

Keeping track of your projects doesn't have to be complicated. With the project feature, you get a clear overview of all your jobs without worrying about missing anything important.

All project reports and checklists in one place.
All information in real time
Use smart filters for quick information

Assign work orders with ease

Deliver information straight to the right person, and they can kick off the work hassle-free and without any wasted time. Smart reminders will keep them in the loop about what needs to be done and when. In other words, no need to worry about important information slipping through the cracks.

Information is updated in real time
It's easy to keep everything under control
Use smart filters to find information quickly
Learn more about work orders

Create reports with pictures and comments

With field reports, you can effortlessly and smoothly report events from the field, complete with photos and comments.

The field report feature also lets you show how things looked when you wrapped up the job, with timestamps and geotagging thrown in for good measure. It's all about keeping things transparent

All reports are uploaded right away
Easy to get a better overview
Smart filters let you access information faster
Learn more about reporting

Create your own checklists

Using a simple 'Drag & Drop' function, you can create all types of checklists in just a few seconds.

Create any checklist you can think of
Thousands of different combinations
Collaborate and fill checklists on the site
Learn more about checklists

Integrate Fieldly with your finance and payroll system

At Fieldly, we are experts in creating efficient project workflows for construction and installation companies. Other companies excel in different areas. To provide our customers with the best of both worlds, Fieldly can therefore be integrated with a range of other digital tools – all to simplify your work.

Send invoice documents directly from Fieldly's web application
Receive purchase order confirmations directly into your projects and work orders
Export the payroll data from Fieldly and easily integrate it with the most common payroll systems
Read more about different integrations

Invoices made easy

Generate invoices with time, material, travel, and other expenses directly based on actual reports, without time-consuming administration.

Send the invoice directly from Fieldly or choose our additional integration service to export the invoice data to Fortnox or Visma.

Invoice in record-breaking time
No more time-consuming administration
Easy to integrate
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