Fieldly - the digital project management tool for construction companies

With features like digital projects & work orders, comprehensive change order management (ÄTA), flexible checklists, material, travel, and time reports, you get a complete overview and can make the right decisions - tailored to your company's needs.

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Supplier Invoices

With several different suppliers and subcontractors for each project, it's easy to overlook invoicing for both materials and services. The supplier invoices feature helps you ensure that it doesn't happen.

All costs in the right project
Integrate with your financial system
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Report everything with Fieldly

Create travel reports, material reports, time reports, and more - with just a few clicks.

Connect Fieldly to your salary system

Cut down on repetitive tasks and reduce mistakes effortlessly. Once your team logs their work hours, sick leave, and time off in the Fieldly app, you can quickly approve and send the salary data to the salary system with just one click. Learn more about integrating with salary systems here.

Drag & Drop - Create any checklist

Simple drag-and-drop design allows you to create checklists within seconds. The builder has all the required elements to create any type of checklist.

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