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About Fieldly

In 2014 Daniel Krusenstråhle and Sven Paulin took Fieldly to the market. They knew that many construction and installations companies worked ineffectively and had difficulties handling important documents and reports. Much information was penned down on paper and did not reach people on time. It was time for a change. It was time for project management for smarter construction companies.

At Fieldly we believe construction companies that grow and develop have leaders that have time to look up from their workload. When you are burdened by too much administration it is difficult to do that. If you, on the contrary, have access to correct and relevant data making well informed decisions impacting the future of your business becomes a lot easier.

We at Fieldly want construction and installation companies to do well and prosper. But more than anything else we don’t think it is clever to spend a lot of time on tasks that can be done in smarter ways. We believe the construction companies of tomorrow communicate and share documents between the office and the field in a way that is easy, safe and smooth. Fieldly helps you do these things.

At Fieldly we are passionate about creating the construction industry of the future. We believe that requires a wide range of perspectives. Team Fieldly is therefore made up of engineers, developers, marketers and account managers that all share the same vision; a smarter construction industry.

Our headquarters is located at Studio in central Malmö. Here you find our account, marketing and product teams. If you wish to pay us a visit, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with one of our team members.

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To help our growing product reach new users we try to keep eyes and ears open for new talented additions to our team. With regular intervals we are looking for account managers, business developers and a number of other competencies so please consult this page for any vacancies. At the moment we are not recruiting for any specific role, but please submit your CV and cover letter if you think you would make a good fit to our team!

Applications are sent to

We are Fieldly

Daniel Krusenstråhle


Sven Paulin

Chief Marketing Officer

Lars Dahlén

Chief Information Officer

Tomasz Warkocki

Chief Technology Officer

Johan Risenfors

Chief Commercial Officer

Johannes Ivarsson

Chief Customer Officer

Rasmus Nervall

Chief Sales Officer

070 - 743 15 43

Victor Battisti

Account manager

073 - 535 08 55

Nicklas Karlsson

Account manager

076 - 306 07 29

Martin Larsson

Junior Business Developer

076 - 307 02 62

Axel Laurin

Account manager

073 - 529 59 46

Linnéa Vikbrant

Kommunikations- och PR-ansvarig

Eitvydas Rastutis

Marketing manager

Magda Piechota


Mikołaj Grzyb

Frontend developer

Magda Malinowska

Backend developer

Olga Grabek

Frontend developer

Piotr Protas

Backend developer

Marcin Urban

Backend developer

Grzegorz Sawczuk

Android - iOS

Tomasz Wojtkowiak


Lukasz Karwowski

QA Manager

Maciej Grymuza

QA Engineer

Andrzej Zawadzki

Industry expert

Paulina Krusenstråhle


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