Annual highlights: how was 2019 for Fieldly?

Annual highlights: how was 2019 for Fieldly?

Linnéa Ivarsson

A new CEO, twelve new colleagues and more than doubled sales. 2019 was, to say the least, an eventful and successful year for Fieldly. Join us on a retrospective journey to glance at some highlights!

Numbers speak for themselves

2019 was an exciting year rich in news and achievements. If you take a look at the year purely from our figures, you might easily conclude that it went pretty well. Our ranks grew as we welcomed twelve new employees, together with whom we more than doubled our sales and increased the recurring revenue by 160 per cent. We are extremely pleased with the trend, to say the least. It is clear proof that we are good at what we are do – creating and delivering a quality product to the customers. According to Anders Boman, CEO, the figures indicate very positive signs for the company:

“The product has become so much better that we now win orders against our biggest competitors. And the organisation itself is amazing! Every department – marketing, growth, sales and customer success – has significantly evolved and brought Fieldly to a new level”.

From start-up to scale-up

2019 was also the year when Fieldly made the transition from being a start-up business to scale-up business. Previously, we concentrated our efforts on product development, whereas in 2019 we switched the focus to growth and expansion. This has resulted in both higher sales and a better product. Sven Paulin, Chief Marketing Officer, is happy about the changes and notes that in 2019 Fieldly scaled to great new heights:

“In 2019, we achieved the product/market fit, and Fieldly reached the point where we could make a considerable difference for the users. It feels so good!”

And that we actually make a difference in the construction industry has become crystal clear during the year. Many customers have reached out to share how Fieldly allows them to manage their businesses easier, smoother and more efficiently - which of course makes us very proud and happy. This is how Veidekke, one of our customers, describes Fieldly’s effect on their business:

“The best thing about Fieldly is that it allows us to keep track of all the work. We get a clear overview of how much work is to be done, and the guys in the field receive information directly via their phones, which results in more understanding and less confusion. Thanks to Fieldly, we save an hour per day, sometimes even more”.

2020 – onwards and upwards

As we are about to shut the door and leave 2019 behind, it’s a good time to take a sneek peek and see what is lined up for us in 2020, and we promise you that it will be an exciting year! By continuing to scale up and grow,  we look forward to opening new markets, hiring about twenty new employees, extending our reach to slightly larger businesses, launching a bunch of new smart tools, and investing more in user-friendliness and power through simplicity. Onwards and upwards – in order to improve, simplify, and streamline the everyday life for our customers.

Thank you for a fantastic 2019, see you all in 2020, and have a really-really Happy New (Fieldly) Year!

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