Go tech-savvy: 5 reasons to invest in a digital project management tool
September 30, 2019

Go tech-savvy: 5 reasons to invest in a digital project management tool

Linnéa Ivarsson

Would you like to say goodbye to time consuming administration, redundant workloads and detrimental time losses? Have you considered digitising your business but are still not sure if it is worth it? Well - you have come to the right place! We’ve listed five reasons why now is the best time to invest in a digital project management tool.

1. Spend time earning money

Many workers within the construction and service industry complain about lacking time to do the “real” job. In figures, the new report from Chalmers demonstrates that only 13 percent of the plumber’s working day is spent on actual installations. The rest is lost on, among other things, planning and preparation. But why waste your working hours when there is a solution to the problem? Digital project management tools allow you to reduce the administrative workload and give you time to focus on the things you can actually profit from. In the long run, we’re talking quite a few billable hours!

2. Get your business under control

Through digital project management, you are always up-to-date on how your enterprise is doing. Having a clear detailed overview of all your projects helps you evaluate their financial performance in real time. This gives you full control over the business, which is of crucial importance when it comes to identifying potential risks and preventing monetary losses. The data you collect digitally allows you to make right and timely decisions. It also saves a lot of paper. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

3. Enhance quality, customer loyalty and customer satisfaction

Digital solutions provide you with valuable management instruments, such as checklists, construction diaries, resource and time planning tools, all of which are vital to ensure that your business processes run smoothly. This is a straight ticket to heightened productivity and increased service quality. And what you get in return is satisfied and loyal customers. “Win-win” – the key rationale behind success!

4. Be attractive as an employer

In order to attract highly qualified employees to the organisation, your business needs to  be perceived as modern and progressive. An important prerequisite for this is being efficient, well-functioning, and digitalised. The international consulting and research company Kairos Future argues that tech-savvy working environments are essential for attracting new employees to the construction industry. The trend is particularly relevant in relation to young newcomers who grew up in the era of fleeting and frenetically paced technologies. Just imagine, who would like to join an organisation still confined by time-consuming paper-and-pen administration when you can work at a company where all processes flow smoothly, and you easily have full control of everything you need, directly in your mobile?

5. Invest in the company’s future

There is no doubt that the emerging paperless trend within the construction industry is here to stay. Digitization and automation are rapidly changing the entire industry and all its processes, while the demands on transparency and documentation are becoming ever higher. In order to keep up, and not drown in paper and binders, it is important to actively work to digitize and streamline your business. To put it simply; if you want to enjoy a sustained competitive advantage tomorrow, invest in a digital project management system today!

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