Meet Evastina, the designer passionate about giving people a better everyday life.

Meet Evastina, the designer passionate about giving people a better everyday life.

Linnéa Ivarsson

Once a consultant, then a freelancer, and now an expert in graphics and UX/UI design. She is fond of paracrobatics, can solve the Rubik’s Cube in less than a minute and can easily beat either one of us in kayaking - Meet Evastina, the UX/UI designer who is passionate about giving people a better everyday life.

Design and human behaviour – it’s a match!

Evastina is one of Fieldly’s three design superstars who perform miracles through their design. She is interested in art, culture and human behaviour, which explains why her education includes a two-year program in ceramics and a five-year diploma in product design. The latter one was centred around user behaviour studies and was earned at the Lund University School of Industrial Design. Eventually, this brought Evastina into the UX/UI design, where she works with digital products and actually makes a difference every day.

“Improving the everyday life of people feels absolutely amazing”

This desire, to improve and simplify through her design work, led Evastina to Fieldly. Here she has an opportunity to explore the users’ needs and desires in order to adopt relevant solutions aimed to improve their digital experiences. Evastina knows that her input really matters:

“Improving the everyday life of people feels absolutely amazing. The whole idea is about digitising the industry which can benefit a lot from it, and this is where the UX and UI designs are very important.”

Evastina has been part of Fieldly for almost two months. Today she works in the Product Definition Team, which works as a bridge between the developers and the users. By unravelling complexity through graphic design, they commit themselves to making Fieldly as simple and personal as possible for our 30,000 customers. In the words of Evastina herself, the key to success lies in knowing the product and keeping the users’ perspective in mind.

“UX designers should know the product better than anyone else does in order to identify the users’ needs and expectations. The customers’ opinions are extremely valuable to us; we listen to and learn from them.”

Large responsibilities – large opportunities

As a relatively new employee, Evastina notes that Fieldly is a workplace where employees are empowered to take responsibility and shape their own roles, which is both exciting and challenging, in a positive sense:

“Fieldly is an organisation where you are encouraged and expected to take on great responsibility, which is quite fun. There's nobody here enforcing their ways. The company has a fairly flat structure, and it did not take long before I realised that I am expected to influence and express my own thoughts and ideas, which is challenging - in a very good way. I believe I will be able to grow a lot here.”

A better day for 30,000 people

With her keen eye for design and extensive knowledge about user behaviour, Evastina does a great job at Fieldly, making sure our 30,000 users around the world have a simple, smooth and efficient working day. We are so lucky to have her on board, as we move towards the construction industry of the future!

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