Meet the women of Fieldly: what motivates and inspires them?

Meet the women of Fieldly: what motivates and inspires them?

Linnea Vikbrant

March 8 marks the International Women's Day all around the world. It's a day for acknowledging the 49,55 percentof the world's population that are women and the conditions they face, in the workplace and in life in general.

At Team Fieldly we believe March 8 is a day to reflect on how far we have come and on what remains to be achieved when it comes to gender equality and equal opportunities for men and women. Fieldly is happy to have four women on the team that contribute to real results, every day making the construction industry a little more digital.

In the words of CEO Daniel Krusenstråhle:

"Today we salute all the talented, smart and inspiring women of Fieldly! Without your skills, know-how and drive, the fight to digitalize the construction industry would be futile."

Women of Fieldly; what motivates you and makes you get up in the morning?

Magda Malinowska, Backend developer

I'm motivated by the possibility to create something; to deliver a new feature and see the results of my work, and to learn something new.

I am also motivated by doing something really well and when there is a possibility to improve. In Fieldly it's also motivating that we are building something that is useful and that really improves people's workflow.

Olga Grabek, Frontend developer

In general I'm motivated by curiosity. Life is short and there are so many wonderful things to experience and learn. At Fieldly I'm motivated by a great product and a great team. It’s so rewarding to develop a product that makes somebody else's life much, much, easier.

If you work with smart, skillful and supportive people you get the best mix ever.

In life in general, my husband motivates me. When I’m in doubt he’s always there to remind me how much I’ve already accomplished.

Magda Piechota, UX Expert

I love doing what I do because I love people. I am curious of people, their lives, their struggles and their views. I like the fact that people are diverse in terms of beliefs, ways of life, looks, and yet basically similar in that everyone wants to live a happy life.

I like and would like to make the life and work easier for people in terms of functionality, and more beautiful in terms of looks. My work allows me to combine and follow my two passions - love for people and for design.

Linnéa Vikbrant, Head of Content and Communication

Being part of something greater than myself energises me and gives me a reason to bring my skills to the table. Working alongside people that are incredibly smart, creative and insightful make me want to see how far I can go and push boundaries to achieve our common goals.

Being met with a great deal of trust and confidence by my co workers make me thrive and want to go that extra mile.

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