Meet Tomasz Warkocki - the tech superstar of Fieldly

Meet Tomasz Warkocki - the tech superstar of Fieldly

Linnéa Ivarsson

He was a part of the team that developed Apple’s facial recognition. He’s the man behind Fieldly’s entire technical platform. He’s been a part of the Fieldly-journey since the very beginning, and is pretty much the tech hero of Fieldly. Meet Tomasz Warkocki, our brilliant Chief Technology Officer.

Tech superstar

To say the least, Tomasz has a lot of experience from the tech-world and is well known on the tech scene in Warsaw. He started his career in software when he studied Cryptography at Warsaw Military University of Technology. Since then he has specialized in really cool tech areas, such as scalable solutions, machine learning, computer vision, cryptography and Scrum. Besides his daily job at Fieldly, Tomasz loves to give back to the local tech community. He has been a coach at Warsaw Rails Girls (an international non-profit initiative that aims to open up and make technology more approachable for girls) several times and is a frequent speaker in Ruby User Group events in Warsaw. Simply put - Tomasz is a tech superstar.

Chief Technology Officer and a pro at remote work

Tomasz found his way to Fieldly when he worked with our co-founder Daniel in another startup. When Daniel suggested that Tomasz should come work with him on a new project called Fieldly, Tomasz was eager to say yes. Today he is the Chief Technology Officer at Fieldly, and responsible for all the technical stuff; system architecture, performance, scalability and development workflows. He’s also team lead of the Web Application development team, the brains behind Fieldly’s web app.

Since he is based in Warsaw, where he lives with his wife and two children, Tomasz is quite a pro at remote work. His best tips to succeed in remote work is to be self organized, and to understand that good communication is key - something his team is really good at.

“I think we’ve built a great development team working almost fully remotely, based on trust. The productivity of the team is great, and working remotely enables people to travel and work at the same time.”

Constantly improving the code and workflow

When Fieldly was founded by Daniel and Sven in 2013, Tomasz was one of the first employees in the company. Since then, he has played a key role in the success journey of Fieldly, a journey Tomasz describes as challenging at times, but above all a lot of fun.

“It’s been great to be a part of Fieldly's journey from the very beginning. We basically built all of the processes in the company from scratch, which of course has been challenging at times, but above all - a lot of fun.”

Tomasz is motivated and driven by constantly improving the code and workflow, to build a tool that really improves the work of construction companies and to be surrounded by passionate people - three things that come quite naturally at Fieldly.

“Fieldly consists of a professional and highly passionate team. The atmosphere is great, and it’s fantastic to get the possibility to work with great people in highly efficient teams!”

Looks forward to a bright future

In the future, Tomasz looks forward to developing, refining and improving the application, to scale up the tech team and to enter several new markets. Simply put, continuing to make the working life for construction companies all around the world easier, smoother and more efficient.

We are lucky to have our very own tech superstar as a part of team Fieldly, and one thing is certain - with Tomasz as our Chief Technology Officer the future can’t be anything but bright.

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