Johan Risenfors: “I love it when I can make something complicated really simple and smooth”

Johan Risenfors: “I love it when I can make something complicated really simple and smooth”

Linnea Vikbrant

Born and raised in the western part of Sweden, just outside of Sweden’s second largest city, Gothenburg, Johan Risenfors shares accents with the elevator voice at his new office building in Malmö. Rumoured to be very humble, nice and smart it’s time to take a closer look at our latest recruit. Who is he, really?

Bridging the product - customer gap

With a self-proclaimed interest in solving problems and making the complex less complex, we at Fieldly are likely to experience the addition of our new CCO in the following way: data will play a more prominent role in the development of our functionalities, new ways of bridging the gap between our product and our customers will be discovered and explored, and most areas of our organisation will be analysed. All in the name of – as his CCO titles indicates – making Fieldly, both company and product, as commercial as possible.

When asked about his strengths, the strikingly humble Johan has to admit that it - probably - has to do with connecting the dots between different parts of a project and being involved in most customer centric aspects. What makes him tick in his professional life? What makes him feel he’s accomplished something good?

“I love it when I can make something complicated really simple and smooth.”

Marches to the beat of his own drum

Johan’s academic career took off at a local Montessori school which means that he, from an early age, has been surrounded by people believing in the importance of the participation and influence of each individual. For example, for a long time he never had one desk assigned to him, but – in true Montessori spirit – conducted his school work from several different places. This experience, we believe, may come in handy in his new role.

As an active child Johan spent most of his formative years playing football or floorball. An injury at the age of 16 put a stop to his career as a floorball player. However, sports are not the only thing that captures Johan’s interest. A passion for sound, and perhaps the sound of music in particular, led him to a previous job selling hi-fi products at an electronics store, as well as becoming a dedicated drummer.

“Music is a big interest, and drums in particular. My taste in music has varied a lot throughout the years. For a period of time as a child it was all about hip hop, and I wore gym clothes in the school photos.”

Nowadays Johan reveals Rock and other genres have made their way to his playlists as well.

Met future employer in Lund

The city of Lund (neighbouring city of Malmö) is known for its ability to bring people from all over Sweden - and the world, really – together, and the city made no exception when it came to uniting our new CCO and CMO/co-founder Sven. Apart from sport and music, Johan has a big interest in technology and it’s one that pointed him to the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University.

Because of his inclination to make complex theories and problems understandable and much less difficult to grasp, Sven found a friend to turn to for explanations of their sometimes very abstract and challenging studies (both studied, and graduated from, Industrial Management and Engineering). While a student in Lund, Johan left the city for one semester of exchange studies in the Italian city of Milan, a time he remembers with fondness. How well he masters the Italian language is not yet known, but future Meetups may perhaps shed some light on this.

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