Reduce your administration time by 50% with Fieldly’s construction diary!

Reduce your administration time by 50% with Fieldly’s construction diary!

Linnéa Ivarsson

Construction diary. A necessary evil for everyone who works in the construction industry. We know it can be difficult and time consuming - but it shouldn’t be, right? That's why we created a digital construction diary, which allows you to say goodbye to unnecessarily time-consuming administration and devote yourself to other, more important things instead.

What is a construction diary?

Construction diary is a record of all “circumstances of importance” related to a certain construction project, as put in AB 04 chap. 3 § 3. The document is regularly updated and delivered to the client, which allows him or her to stay informed and involved in the process. The overall purpose of the diary is to help the customer keep track of the ongoing work. The contractors are required to maintain the diary in accordance with AFC.37, which notes that it must contain 14 relevant items describing the ongoing project. Keeping these records is tedious and time-consuming when done manually. With Fieldly, however, that changes drastically.

Fieldly’s digital construction diary

What a construction diary must include is regulated by the law. How it should look, however, is not. As such, we have created a simple, quick and easy-to-use construction diary for you which can reduce your administration time by up to 50%! Awesome, isn’t it?

In order to create a really good construction diary, we focused on two things. First, meeting the basic requirements for it. Second, making it easy to align the diary with other documents from different projects. What came out of it? We managed to ensure that the report would be comprehensive and would save your time without sacrificing the customer’s interests. And not only that. We also made sure that you would be able to re-use the information once added to the system. All to make your working day simpler and more efficient!

So, with Fieldly’s construction diary you can be sure that:

  • All legal requirements are met.
  • The customer receives basic information in a clear and structured format.
  • The customer can specify what additional information they want access to.
  • The contractor can easily generate other information per request from the customer.
  • The contractor saves time and gets full business documentation.

Simple, smooth and time efficient!

Say goodbye to time-consuming paper-and-pen administration and invest in Fieldly's digital construction diary instead. We dare to promise that it will make your work easier, smoother and much more time-efficient.

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