Say hello to Fieldly 3.0! | Fieldly

Say hello to Fieldly 3.0! | Fieldly

Linnéa Ivarsson

Finally the time has come to introduce you to Fieldly 3.0 – our new brand with a new logo, improved design, and a complete new look. Deeply and firmly rooted in our origins, Fieldly 3.0 is ideal to communicate what we are, what we believe in and what we aim for.


A lot has happened since our inception in 2014 when Fieldly was established and the first logo was designed. Since then, we have grown and expanded in many respects, and the need for the “facelift” which could visually convey Fieldly’s authentic identity has become as urgent as ever.

Simply put, we needed a new look which reinforces what we stand for and how we communicate our values with the outside world. To make it happen we hired Edvard Gezin, the product designer whose extensive portfolio included work for clients such as Mercedes-Benz Research & Development, to develop Fieldly’s new visual identity. In close collaboration with Sven Paulin, Chief Marketing Officer, and Valle Wantzin, VP of Growth, Fieldly 3.0 was born - and we are incredibly pleased with the result.

Power through simplicity

The key aim of the project has been to develop a brand that is based on the core idea of our business, power through simplicity, and effectively communicate this externally. Therefore, the new design, laced with clarity and user-friendliness, is all about making the clients’ experience easier and more engaging. And in order to succeed, we listened closely to our customers and involved them at every stage of the brand creation. As Edvard put it, they contributed tremendously to the outcome:

“Fieldly’s customers are always cooperative and were extremely helpful during the work on the new brand. They provided their feedback several times throughout the project while we, in turn, paid close attention to their opinions”.

Here is how Edvard describes the various aspects of the product design:

“We focused on developing five brand elements, such as logo, colours, typography, iconography, and photography. It was necessary to work on them in order to establish a strong brand system, a set of design elements which altogether would speak on Fieldly’s behalf in a holistic way”.

At the same time, Edvard was careful to preserve Fieldly’s original spirit and embed it in the new brand:

“Our new brand has a simpler colour palette and is more refined, but the original “soul” is kept as well. This is an evolution which suits more formats and devices in a more coherent way”.

A unified image – both internally and externally

Valle Wantzin, VP of Growth, tells how the new brand will manage to promote a more coherent and unified image of the company, both internally and externally:

“The new brand will allow all Fieldly’s departments, from product to marketing, to utilise the same design language and identity, which we believe is important for promoting the unified image of Fieldly among both customers and employees”.

Fieldly 3.0 – towards the future of construction

So, say hello to Fieldly 3.0! New logo, fresh design and a completely new look – a brand we believe will help us move even faster forward on the journey towards the construction industry of the future. We hope you will love it as much as we do!

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