Quality and accuracy are two keywords Ängelholmsmuraren has valued highly since its inception in 2003. And for the past three years, Fieldly has been another important key in the business. Sara Hedberg, who works with administration at the company, describes how Fieldly is a vital part of everyday life for all employees.


Customers with high demands

For 16 years, the construction service company Ängelholmsmuraren has worked with bricklaying and tiling around Skåne county. They perform everything from facade finishing and brick masonry to cultural renovation and stair work. Among their customers you find both companies and private individuals, with the common denominator that they all have high expectations and want to be 100% satisfied with the result. At present, Ängelholmsmuraren consists of 16 employees. 15 workers in the field, and Sara in the office.

Heard about Fieldly through word of mouth

Three years ago, Sara began to work for Ängelholmsmuraren, and quickly found that both time reporting and all other reporting from the employees needed to be done in a better and more controlled manner. Through word of mouth, they heard about Fieldly's digital project management tool, and decided to give it a try. It turned out to be a very good decision.

"It was a minor chaos before, with pieces of paper everywhere"

Magnus Johansson, the owner of Ängelholmsmuraren, describes how the work day before Fieldly was messy and unstructured. Today it looks completely different. Fieldly's digital solution now takes care of both work orders, time- and expense reports, invoicing and payrolls simply and smoothly. On top of that, the communication between the office and the field now works brilliant.

"The best thing about Fieldly is that it is an easy way for employees to communicate their daily work with me in the office!"

Easier workdays with Fieldly

Today, it’s hard for the employees at Ängelholmsmuraren to imagine a work day without Fieldly. Both for Sara in the office and for the workers in the field, Fieldly has contributed to an easier and smoother work day. At the same time, Fieldly saves them a lot of time - both per employee, but above all per project.

"If it’s a bigger project that has been going on for several weeks or months, I hardly dare to think about what it would be like if we DIDN’T have Fieldly".

Tailored for this type of company

Johannes Ivarsson, Chief Customer Officer at Fieldly, is pleased that Fieldly is contributing to a simpler work day for the employees at Ängelholmsmuraren.

“It's great to hear how Fieldly is helping Ängelholmsmuraren to simplify their work day. It was to make the work days easier for this type and size of companies that Fieldly started to developed our tool five years ago. Getting proof that it actually works for our customers is incredibly satisfying! ”

June 24, 2019 - Linnéa Ivarsson

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