Ramirent Norway - A case studie

Ramirent left time-consuming administration and duplication in their work processes behind to invest in Fieldly's digital comprehensive solution. The difference between their old systems, where email, Excel lists and paperwork were sent back and forth between employees, and today's use of Fieldly's overall project management tool is great.

Ramirent Norway - A case studie

This is how Ramirent are using Fieldly’sdigital project management tool

We spoke with Bjørn Espen, project manager at Ramirent Norway, to find out how he uses Fieldly, what positive changes it has brought to the company and how Fieldly simplifies his work days.

Why Ramirent chose Fieldly

Ramirent is a leading supplier of leasing solutions, combining leasing of quality machines with service and knowledge. Currently, the company operates in nine countries around Europe. The business idea is to offer rental solutions that simplify their customers work days. Their customers are found partly in the construction industry, but also in the public sector and among private individuals. Three years ago, Ramirent chose to invest in Fieldly. Largely due to Fieldly's ability to adapt, develop and expand their digital tool, but also because of Fieldly's willingness to collaborate and find solutions to problems. As a result of the investment in Fieldly, Ramirent hoped to reduce lead times in work management, increase margins on materials and increase work efficiency. Today, with the facts in hand, they are happy with their decision. The use of Fieldly has proven to save Ramirent a considerable amount of time, both per project and per employee. At the same time, Fieldly has contributed to 100% control over all orders.

How Ramirent uses Fieldly

Many asks the question how Ramirent uses Fieldly. We think this is a highly relevant question, since Ramirent is primarily known for being a machine rental company. But the fact is that Ramirent also provides services, and their work flows are very similar to the work flows of construction service companies. For example, they deliver construction containers to larger contractors, which means that they need to report time, create and fill in checklists and at the same time keep track of all equipment. This is where Fieldly comes into the picture. With the comprehensive solution Fieldly offers, Ramirent can access all projects, work orders, checklists and reports in one place, which both streamlines the work and saves them a lot of time.

Bjørn Espen, project manager at Ramirent Norway, describes how Fieldly's project management tool have enabled him to easily get an overview of each order's life cycle. Through Fieldly's web application, he can follow every order in real time: from pending, to ongoing, to completed and finally invoicing. In this way, he doesn’t have to wait for materials and documentation from installers, which significantly reduces the time he needs to spend on administration. Bjørn also describes how Fieldly contributed to his ability to easily create projects with several underlying sub projects, thus leading to large time savings per work order. Bjørn simply states that the use of Fieldly facilitates, streamlines and improves his daily work, and contributes to the fact that he can now devote more time to other important tasks. The best thing about the service, Bjørn states, is the fact that he can have full control of all his orders in one tool.

"The best thing about Fieldly is that I have 100% control over all orders and that I do not have to wait for all the papers that would otherwise be submitted by our installers".

Both customer and partner

At Fieldly, we are very pleased to be able to contribute to improved processes and a simplified work day for the employees at Ramirent. Daniel Krusenstråhle, CEO of Fieldly, is proud of a long-standing collaboration:

"We are very happy and proud of our many years of cooperation with Ramirent, both as a customer and as a partner in the digitalisation of the construction sector. Ramirent is a company that has a clear vision for its digital journey and great interest in its impact on the industry."

June 24, 2019 - Linnéa Ivarsson

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