After 28 years in the industry, the plumbing company Spoltec Södra AB got solid experience and high competence. These factors, combined with the desire to constantly develop and improve the business, appears to be a winning concept. Just six months ago, they chose to invest in Fieldly - a choice they are very satisfied with today.


Wide range of sewer services

Spoltec Södra AB is based in Malmö and offers a wide range of sewer services to customers in both Skåne and Halland. Among other things, they work with maintenance of waste water and storm water pipes, which are located both in ground and in buildings, with flushing technology, renovation, relining and document filming of parts or entire plants.

Fieldly simplifies eery step of the work process

In early 2019, Spoltec felt a need to actively work with digitization, and found a project management system that could digitize and streamline the entire process that runs from order to invoicing. Ingemar Jeppsson, CEO of Spoltec, says they looked at and tested a number of different systems before deciding to go with Fieldly.

"We saw that Fieldly was an uncomplicated system and contained the features we considered most relevant to our business."

Today, six months later, Fieldly is an obvious part of Spoltec's work process, simplifying and streamlining every step of the way. Fieldly handles everything from ordering and projects to control of execution. Invoicing and time management are now also handled smoothly, thanks to Fieldly's simple integrations with various financial- and payroll systems.

"With Fieldly we increased the quality in our work"

Ingemar Jeppsson is very pleased with the choice to invest in Fieldly's digital project management system, and notes that Fieldly has contributed to many improvements in the business.

“We got a much better flow and overview of our work. Nothing risks falling between the chairs. Since we work a lot with projects and recurring orders, today everything is handled automatically, which previously had to be entered by hand. Follow-up of our projects will be much easier. "

In addition to these improvements, Ingemar notes that the use of Fieldly has also contributed to large time savings in invoice and payroll management and in the follow-up of work orders. And best of all, Fieldly's system handles and streamlines the entire process Spoltec wanted to improve; from ordering to invoicing.

The industry is beginning to understand the importance of digitalization

Johannes Ivarsson, CCO at Fieldly, is pleased with the collaboration with Spoltec.

“We are very pleased to be able to contribute to more efficient processes and a better flow for the employees at Spoltec. It feels extra satisfying that such a well-established company that has been active for many years is investing in digitalization and getting to experience the benefits that can be gained by working in new ways. This is proof of that the industry is beginning to understand the importance of digitalization!”

June 24, 2019 - Linnéa Ivarsson

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