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Construction service

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Fieldly makes every day easier for construction service

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You save time

You and your administrative staff can spend time on other things than trying to get hold of important information from workers.

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All information in one place

With all relevant information close at hand staff can work more independently and efficiently.

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Cost control

No costs are lost when workers use Fieldly in their day-to-day work.

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Purchase control

With Fieldly you are in control of purchases and can be sure that the right project is being automatically charged with the right cost.

A tool that keeps up with your every-day

Fieldly is developed in close cooperation with construction companies and construction service departments.
In our system you find the features that help and support workers in their daily tasks with reporting, documenting and communicating vital information. Changes and modifications that occur during an ongoing project are easily managed in the system.

Within construction service there are plenty of things to keep track of. With cars and workers constantly on the move, invoiceable costs are easily forgotten or lost. When time, travels, material and other important information is not documented or reported as intended, costs quickly amount. In order for their work to flow smoothly field workers need access to an easy-to-use and industry adapted tool.

With Fieldly on your mobile device no costs are lost.

At Fieldly we are aware of the high-paced every-day situations of workers in the field. We know time efficiency is of utmost importance and that pressure can cause invoice-able costs to go undocumented. Every mistake or cost that is not invoiced is a loss for your construction service company. Fieldly makes it easy for field workers to report, document and have access to important information. In Fieldly times, travels, material, field reports, digital checklists, etc. are easily managed with a few taps on a mobile device.

Changes in circumstances or scope of a project often cause the need to make changes and additions. In order not to lose revenue it is essential that they are documented as soon as they arise. It’s an advantage if it is easy.

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Decrease administration by up to 50%

Our users spend on average an hour less on administrative tasks per worker and workday compared to before using us. With more than 22 000 users we are proud to contribute to growing and prospering construction and installation companies. Time is a valuable resource. Use it wisely with Fieldly. Find out how much you can save by using Fieldly!

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Easy reporting in the app

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Clear overview of your work
Report for yourself or a colleague
Easy and quick reporting

With Fieldly, workers easily report and document important information such as time, travel, deviations and changes. Work orders are easily distributed between co workers and all information regarding the relevant work order or project is available. All in the same place, always accessible, directly in the mobile device of your workers’ choice.

Available for iPhone and Android

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