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Benefits with Fieldly for Ground & Facility

Save time with Fieldly icon

Save time

When co workers report the right information in the right place directly a lot of unnecessary work is avoided.

All in one place icon

All in one place

Fieldly presents and manages all relevant information in one and the same place.

Quicker invoicing with Fieldly icon

Quicker invoicing

Fieldly shortens the way from work done to money in the account.

Secure management of information with Fieldly icon

Secure management of information

With Fieldly you are in control of who has access to what information.

Fieldly unites the field and office

Ground works, tiling, paving, railroad or roadworks all have one thing in common: they are helped by easy communication between the field and the office.

In the Fieldly app for mobile devices field workers easily report time, travels, material and take part of work orders. Fieldly makes sure to catch all invoiceable costs, automatically and in real time. All time reports and travel reports are registered and automatically converted to the currency of your choice so that you can invoice the customer as soon as the project is finished.

A project does not always cover all the needs of a customer. Sometimes changes and additions need to be made. We manage this in a simple yet powerful way. A smooth management of changes and additions to projects removes a lot of headache from office workers. Experience an easier life with Fieldly project management for groundwork and facilities.

Experience a simpler life with project management from Fieldly for Ground and Facility.

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Decrease administration by up to 50%

Our users spend on average an hour less on administrative tasks per worker and workday compared to before using us. With more than 22 000 users we are proud to contribute to growing and prospering construction and installation companies. Time is a valuable resource. Use it wisely with Fieldly. Find out how much you can save by using Fieldly!

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