How much can you earn with Fieldly?

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Time is money, but how much?

As a construction company, you should be focusing on tasks that moves your business forward. With Fieldly, you, your employees in the field and your administrative staff will have more working hours that can be used for more qualified tasks rather than just looking for correct data for invoicing and wages.

In order for you to get an idea of how much time you can gain from using Fieldly, we have developed a calculator. Try it yourself and find out how much can you benefit from managing your projects and work orders digitally using Fieldly. Time is money, but how much? That’s the question. Use sliders to set your numbers and get an idea of how much can you benefit using Fieldly.

Here's how the calculator is designed

Formula: (Number of employees * Number of daily saved minutes * Invoicing price * 22 workdays) – (Number of employees * 349 kr per month)


A company with 25 employees with an hourly rate of SEK 400 per worker, saves about 60 minutes per day and employee. Following this, they can earn 211 275 SEK more per month.

Some of our customers

Phone with Fieldly app showing project dashboard

Fieldly unites the field and the office

With Fieldly the office worker gets real time information about changes and additions made by colleagues in the field. You will know what is going on, who is doing what, and when. Fieldly makes planning, following up and managing of resources easy. From quote to paid invoice, we support your business and makes your everyday easier, smarter and digital.

Prerequisites and scopes often change in different types of projects. That is why it is important to work with a system that is connected.

As a manager or supervisor you easily assign work orders on available co workers in Fieldly. You see what is going on in the field, and get valuable information and insights on what types of jobs that are the most profitable and can rely on receiving critical data from co workers, directly in Fieldly.

No reminders, no nagging. With Fieldly time consuming parts of the necessary ongoing administration is automatised. In our system you find the features that help and support workers in their day-to-day reporting, documentation and communication of important information.

Are you ready for full control of costs and to save valuable time that you can spend on more pleasant things? Does a complete flow from quote to paid invoice sound appealing? Create a test account or book a demo with us and let us show you how we can create value for your particular business. Welcome to Fieldly.