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Take control of your purchases with Fieldly

With Fieldly’s EDI connection, materials that you or your employees purchase directly end up on the specific work order without having to wait for the invoice. Materials that are not used will automatically end up in your warehouse. Fieldly allows easily sharing materials on different projects.

In Fieldly, you will find an overview of your purchases that will help you to quickly review and keep track of all your purchases. The overview also helps you check that material is being delivered to the right project.

If you want to move material to another project or simply divide the order, this is easily done with a touch of a button. Order recognition from wholesalers and suppliers is automatically linked to your article list, so any unused material remains on the list in-stock.

How the EDI flow works

The Fieldly EDI connection ties purchases directly to the project they are supposed to charge. Experience complete cost control with Fieldly.


The purchase takes place


Reading is done


Connection to the project is done

It begins with ‘work in order’

When you work in or run a company in the construction industry, you know what difference the right information at the right time makes. Because that is what it is really about. The right information at the right time is the core of Fieldly and it is what determines the value you get from using our system. When the everyday work is carried out uninterrupted, co workers become more efficient and time frames are met without too much trouble.

At Fieldly we believe in keeping track of time, from quotation to invoicing. When there is a straight line between these two liquidity in the company can remain good and operations can run smoothly. But Fieldly also supports several other tasks of the project manager and the administrative staff. In Fieldly you can, for example, see which workers are busy doing what and when they are available for different types of work. Smart resource management and the right person at the right place are key to Fieldly.

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